Stanowiska montażowe, przenośniki, linie montażowe
Automatyzacja produkcji, roboty przemysłowe
automatyzacja produkcji, linie montażowe
Roboty przemysłowe, lean manufacturing
manipulatory przemysłowe, ogrodzenia ochronn

Manipulators are industrial robots designed for automatic transport or palletization of various types of loads on technological lines. Depending on the operation being performed, the devices can be constructed of 2 or 3 linear axes operating in the Cartesian system. The advantage of industrial manipulators is a large working space and their load capacity.

As a drive, we mainly use servo motors with reducers, which ensures high positioning precision and high dynamics of movements.

The manipulators we offer can be delivered as complete and autonomous devices or be a part of an existing technological line.

Industrial manipulators - realizacje: