Stanowiska montażowe, przenośniki, linie montażowe
Automatyzacja produkcji, roboty przemysłowe
automatyzacja produkcji, linie montażowe
Roboty przemysłowe, lean manufacturing
manipulatory przemysłowe, ogrodzenia ochronn

GTM Industry works mainly in the field of automation and robotization of production processes. The solutions we offer are used in virtually every industry sector. Our offer includes comprehensive customer service, from design, through execution, software and commissioning.

In our offer you will find many types of machines and devices. Starting from simple, semi-automatic assembly devices, through automatic stations with assembly correctness control systems, to production lines and robotic cells using industrial 6-axis robots.

Our offer is complemented by
Internal transport systems:

Industrial manipulators
Grippers for industrial robots
Systems supporting Lean Manufacturing