Stanowiska montażowe, przenośniki, linie montażowe
Automatyzacja produkcji, roboty przemysłowe
automatyzacja produkcji, linie montażowe
Roboty przemysłowe, lean manufacturing
manipulatory przemysłowe, ogrodzenia ochronn

This product group includes automatic and semi-automatic assembly stations. We can also offer manipulators, control systems, 'poka yoke' systems, testing and control devices, specialized machines carrying out operations related to manufacturing technology. All these solutions are designed and manufactured in accordance with the needs of our clients.


The offered solutions can be made as hand-held devices supporting human work and ensuring process repeatability, used mainly in unit and small-lot production. Those automatic devices are equipped with PLC controllers which, apart from improving work, can control the correctness of assembly or processes, for example, by checking the presence of all components that are required in a given operation.


Depending on the needs of a given application, the structure can be made with the use of a system of aluminum or welded steel profiles, powder- or spray-coated.


Devices are equipped with PLC controllers and HMI operator panels. All elements of the control and safety systems are made in accordance with the applicable standards and directives.


The ability to modify the control system
Preview of machine operating parameters

Special devices - realizacje: