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automatyzacja produkcji, linie montażowe
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In the case of transporting elements of large dimensions and not too heavy, strip conveyors are most often used.


Strip conveyors are used in virtually all branches of industry. However, they are most often used in light industry for the transport of loads that do not exceed 100 kg. Strip conveyors are used to transport MDF boards, lightweight metal sheets, sandwich panels, aluminum and plastic profiles, packaging and containers along the short side.


Strip transporters manufactured by our company can be made of:

  • modular aluminum profile system
  • powder-coated or spray-coated steel elements
  • stainless steel sections

Drive system:

The loads are transported using a set of strips, the number of which depends on the technological requirements and the dimensions of the load. The strips are guided in a special sliding profile. The drive is transferred from the gear motor by all the strips.


The most popular control methods include systems with a frequency converter. Additionally, the conveyors can be equipped with sensors that control their work. The entire system is built in an electrical cabinet and was made in accordance with the applicable safety standards.

Strips characteristics:

The choice of the transport method depends on the requirements of the transport system and working conditions. The most commonly used are various types of toothed and round strips. It is possible to use strips with special overlays on the bearing surfaces ensuring proper contact between the strip and the transported element.

Advantages of strip conveyors:

  • Modular construction
  • Possibility to transport large-size elements
  • Can be made with any number of strips
  • Possibility of transverse removal of objects from the roller conveyor
  • Wide range of use
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