Stanowiska montażowe, przenośniki, linie montażowe
Automatyzacja produkcji, roboty przemysłowe
automatyzacja produkcji, linie montażowe
Roboty przemysłowe, lean manufacturing
manipulatory przemysłowe, ogrodzenia ochronn

Grippers are one of the most important elements of technological equipment for industrial robots and manipulators.

A properly designed and made gripper ensures appropriate speed, reliability and precision of manipulation.

We make grippers for boxes, cartons, bags, plastic elements. Each of our solutions is precisely matched to the detail that we are to manipulate.


For the construction of grippers, we use modular systems made of carbon and aluminum pipes, a modular system of aluminum profiles, as well as steel elements, powder- or spray-coated.
As actuators of grippers, we use vacuum systems, pneumatic systems, systems with stepper motors or servo motors.


Modular constructio
Individual solutions

Grippers - realizacje: