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automatyzacja produkcji, linie montażowe
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In our offer you will find a wide range of belt conveyors, from the simplest conveyors with a smooth belt, through conveyors with modular belts or inclined conveyors, to the curved conveyors.


Belt conveyors are used practically in every branch of industry. Depending on the design and the type of conveyor belt, the belt conveyor can transport a wide variety of loads, from loose and small-size elements to heavy and large-size individual items.
The most common are horizontal belt conveyors, but it is also possible to choose a straight ascending conveyor and an inclined L- or Z-type ascending conveyor, which are most often used where there is a need to change the height of the transported elements – e.g. in conveyors removing items from injection molding machines.


Belt transporters manufactured by our company can be made of:

  • modular aluminum profile system
  • powder-coated or spray-coated steel elements
  • stainless steel sections

Drive and control system:

Belt conveyors are most often driven by a geared motor, which is mounted directly on the drive shaft. An alternative solution may be drum motors. The most popular control methods include systems with a frequency converter. Additionally, the transporters can be equipped with sensors that control their work. The entire system is built in an electrical cabinet and was made in accordance with the applicable safety standards.

Belts characteristics:

The most commonly used belts are made of PVC, polyurethane or silicone. Depending on the type of transported material or technological process, the belts can be equipped with scrapers, side valances, and guide wedges. Depending on customer needs, it is also possible to use modular, mesh and modular steel belts.

Advantages of belt conveyors:

  • Modular construction
  • Expandable with additional equipment
  • Light and modern construction
  • Control system customizable
  • Wide range of us
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