Stanowiska montażowe, przenośniki, linie montażowe
Automatyzacja produkcji, roboty przemysłowe
automatyzacja produkcji, linie montażowe
Roboty przemysłowe, lean manufacturing
manipulatory przemysłowe, ogrodzenia ochronn

Growing production requirements mean that more and more technological processes are carried out by robots. Robotized systems ensure increased production efficiency while reducing operating costs. Using many years of experience, we can build an independent robot cell or integrate production processes with robots.

Industrial robots are used, among others, when we want to:

  • accelerate the working cycle
  • increase efficiency
  • stabilize the process
  • reduce process failures
  • optimize production capacity
  • minimalize the costs


  • High repeatability
  • Reliability
  • Versatility of solutions
Robot integrations - realizacje: